Our coffees are stored and managed by Odyssey in El Salvador and different warehouses across the US, and held in Europe by one of our key partners. As a vertically integrated company, we manage trade logistics to make it easy for our roasters and partners to get their hands on El Salvador’s finest coffees; all while maintaining optimal storage and shipping conditions to ensure quality and sensorial preservation of the green coffees until they reach their final destination.
Most of the coffee in the world is shipped to consuming countries from origin countries, such as El Salvador, via cargo ships. Here’s what that process looks like from our side!

Once coffee is ready for export, it is packed in polyurethane bags, called Grain Pro. These bags are sealed, and help to keep out oxygen while the coffee is being shipped, preserving the coffee and keeping it from aging. These bags are then sealed inside of burlap sacks. 

Burlap Sacks
Coffee is shipped in burlap sacks. For all of El Salvador, and most of Central America, the standard sack weighs 69 kg or 150 pounds. 

Once the coffee is properly packed, we fill out a 20 foot shipping container that holds 275 (69 kg) bags of green coffee, which is approximately 42,000 lbs. The walls and floor of the container are lined with craft paper, and the bags are organized by lots. 

These containers are loaded onto cargo ships, which take anywhere from three weeks to two month to reach their destination. Once the containers arrive at the port, they are unloaded and delivered to our partners and prospective roasters!