about us: Our Team

A cup of coffee takes a year to prepare: from the tree to grow, the fruit to ripen, to the processing, shipping, roasting and brewing - it takes months of work before people can enjoy the final product.

This process is crucial to maintain the highest quality coffee standards, which is why our team is composed of full time professionals who work year round to oversee the entire seed-to-cup journey, from production and milling to export. Get to know all the people behind your cup:

Emilio López
CEO & Co-Founder

José Roberto Santamaría
Co-Founder & Production

Edwin Murillo
Production Supervisor at Finca Ayutepeque & El Manzano

Oscar Rivas
Production Supervisor at Las Isabellas & Tequendama

Alejandro Pineda
Mandador at Finca Ayutepeque

Luis Martinez
Head of Production

Policarpo Flores
Head of Milling

Javier López
Head of Quality Control