about us: impact & Sustainability

We define our Odyssey as a long and adventurous journey, which in our industry is full of human value and highly relationship-based. Needless to say, taking care of each stakeholder in our supply chain is part of who we are as a company.

Social Impact: Growing Together

Since the early stages of our operations, our team at Odyssey has been looking for ways to make a meaningful impact on the people that make each cup of coffee possible and it was only a matter of time until our initiative, Growing Together, came to life.

Growing Together kicked off in April 2021 with a series of workshops for our suppliers and producing partners and has since then grown into an open-floor discussion for around 100 small and medium sized producers.

The goal is to improve the productivity and quality of their coffees while assisting them during harvest season to help them get optimal results, as well as making sure their medical, educational and essential needs are being met!

If you want to learn more and read updates about our Growing Together program impact, make sure to visit our blog.

environmental Impact

We believe that true impact comes as a result of working for social and environmental sustainability hand in hand. We are committed to a green operation, to make sure that both our coffees and our environments thrive in the long-run, which is why we are certifying our farms under Rainforest Alliance standards.

This means: no harmful chemicals, flora and fauna protection, biodiversity preservation, no child labor and improved labor standards for all workers.

Since the program’s inception, we’ve regularly expanded our programs to improve our community’s and environment’s well-being. Among these activities, we have launched visual health campaigns and reforestation initiatives to continuously improve quality of life standards across the sustainability spectrum. 

Let’s remember that true sustainability is a continuous, ongoing effort; so expanding and improving on Growing Together’s program offerings is a priority in our efforts of making the coffee industry a more equitable and sustainable place. 

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