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Emilio López and Jose Roberto Santamaría come from two multigenerational coffee producing families in El Salvador. Over the years, they have developed a deep connection with their land, and it is precisely because of this that they joined forces to build Odyssey Coffees, an El Salvador and Portland-based coffee operation.

As a result, they consolidated both sides of their businesses; starting with their production operations at Fincas Las Isabellas, Tapantogusto, Las Piedras, La Cumbre, El Manzano and Ayutepeque and tracing their journey up until they reach their destination, either out our warehouses across the U.S., our key partners in Europe or our roasting partners across the world. However, to get to this point,  Emilio and Jose Roberto spent 6 months planning the merger, figuring out how to join their respective operations with the goal of providing international markets with impactful and high-quality coffees. 

During this time, they worked together to align all farms under the same methodology to ensure that quality is sustainable in the long-term and to widen their coffee offerings for clients worldwide. To further build upon this goal, the newly merged Odyssey team also began working with the communities around Finca Tequendama and Las Isabellas, giving life to our San Jorge blend and our Growing Together program.

Henceforth, Odyssey has focused on growing production operations, fortifying sourcing partnerships and developing new markets alongside our strategic partners.